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Innovation Lounge is a young South African company specialising in mobile application development for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phone, as well as web development. With everyday problem-solving in mind, we are hard at work to deliver world class applications to a market of over 11 million smartphone users to enrich their lives and empower local businesses.

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Our objective is to develop innovative solutions that will eliminate everyday difficulties that both businesses and individuals are experiencing. By utilizing new technologies like mobile applications, we aim to change people’s way of thinking and bridge the divide in South Africa’s mobile media.

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Our latest application, Lazy Grazer, is now availalbe on iPhones, Android and Windows evices!

In a nutshell, Lazy Grazer connects restaurants, bars and hospitality venues with compatible clientele on platforms they’re familiar with while putting the venues in charge of their own information.

If you are in the food & beverage industry and wish to sign up your venue on Lazy Grazer, you can do so quickly and easily at

To download the app, simply scan the barcode below with your device or get the app store links on the Lazy Grazer website.

More plratforms launching soon...

Download barcode
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the team

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Rudolph is a grown-up whizz kid who’s been programming for as long as he can remember. As a former Lead Developer with experience in several enterprise applications, he’s sees to the technical aspects of our projects.

Jireh is the creative mind, making sure our interfaces are attractive and user friendly and the company as well as our products are properly presented.

Jaco is an industrial engineer from a business management background. He takes pride in navigating Innovation Lounge through the all the corporate progressions while introducing our products to the world.Read about it in his blog.

Dustin brings the geek-factor to the table. This flaming mastermind is coding the days away to produce the highest quality applications … Gangnam style.

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